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Beefed Up TV

Directed by Carey Missler and starring Cam McQueen, the Kelowna cousins started the online channel Beefed Up TV two years ago. Taking an average vehicle and turning it into something ‘Beefed up” is the aim of the show, echoing MTV’s Pimp My Ride. Most of the first episode has been shot in the Okanagan Valley. Cam and Carey came up with the concept together. Not only a professional monster truck driver who performed never-before-seen tricks, McQueen is also an amazing speaker and host. With Carey Missler’s background in the film industry, and Cam McQueen’s connections, they find people are willing to lend a hand to Beefed Up TV, and the show has allowed them to build relationships, as they recently worked on a Toyota USA commercial in early 2019.


Beefed Up TV Crew

The Team
Carey Missler

Executive Producer
Cam McQueen

Executive Producer

Tabetha Kabel

Production Manager

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